Buero112 is a digital design agency that specializes in custom-tailored e-commerce experiences and marketing campaigns. Simple and pretty. Crazy and never-seen-before. There is no compromise, but design that satisfies your customers. Above all, we create online-shops, digital identities and virtual campaigns. With purpose. Increase value. Drive sales


Customer Experience

Product & Design Thinking

Design Strategy & Identity

UI & UX Design

Prototyping & User Testing

Research & Analysis

Project & Product Management

Campaigns & Online Marketing

Content Creation & Art Buying

On- & Offline Marketing

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Alexander Baumann

CEO | Co-founder

Bernadette Zobel

Junior Art Director

Daisy Oberschelp

Senior Art Director | Projektmanagement

Georg Streibl

Head of Creative | Co-founder

Richard Gabler

Head of UX | Co-founder

Joy K├╝nzl

Junior Art Director

Kim Hahn

Senior Art Director